Food For Thought (2 of 8) – Getting fresh

So, over the past two week, I trust you found yourself looking at the ingredient labels... How was your experience? Let’s say, that you rejected a couple of items from your shopping list – the first thing to do is give yourself a pat on the back; lifestyle changes, in whatever form, take time, so, small, incremental steps are key to long term success.

We already know the lengths manufacturers of processed foods go to to appeal to our senses (including rather clever marketing strategies), so there is little point in me going over old news. Instead (and more to the point), looking a few weeks into the future, those items you have rejected these past two week will grow in number as we progress, and at this point, you may well be wondering, what do I replace these food items with?

The answer is simple, so here we go (again)...

  1. Think whole foods, think natural. No, I am not leading you to a plant-based diet (one of the latest fads), vegetarian, vegan, or any other form of 'diet' experience, moreover, just a simple way to choose and enjoy real foods – the type of nourishment your body was designed for. And so, the next time you go to pick up, say, a can of tinned fruit or vegetables, redirect yourself to the fresh produce section and buy them in their natural, whole state.

You may say time plays a role in the foods you choose to purchase; yes, I hear you – convenience has a strong pull (and the manufacturers of such processed foods rely upon it). But consider this; how much healthier will you be by choosing the fresh alternative? Go ahead, give it a go - you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Remember, keeping it simple is the key, so that's all for this week. Now go and enjoy your grocery shopping experience and remind yourself to check those ingredients; reject anything you find to contain dubious sounding ingredients, then head over to the fresh produce section and let’s get fresh fruit & vegetables instead!

See you all in two weeks’ time for my third instalment of Food For Thought.

Yours, Al

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